A complete learning ecosystem.

The Ebou Learning platform integrates learning activities, classroom materials, and interactive tools that support educators, communities, families, and students.

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Culturally-relevant classroom materials

The Ebou Learning platform includes a set of hard copy and digital storybooks, games and other educational material that are personalized to reflect the cultures and contexts of your classrooms.
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Antle Discovers his Voice storybooks are used as classroom material

Thousands of learning activities

Ebou Learning includes access to thousands of learning activities that are directly linked to individual student results and support learning in the home, school and community.
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Screenshot of the Learning Activities page on the Ebou Learning Platform

Intuitive assessment portals

Our platform features secure and interactive data-visualization customized for parents, teachers and education administrators to access individual and aggregated results.
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Screen shot of the educator portal on the Ebou Learning Platform

See the whole picture

The Ebou Learning platform centres on a comprehensive assessment that uses the latest mobile technology to capture a holistic view of a student’s learning. The platform gathers data from multiple perspectives and places of learning in order to provide a 360° view of the child.
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Holistic learning model shows child at the centre of learning


Tools for teachers

Access to group-level data that displays classroom trends

Browse and search learning activies, or track progress for individual students or a group

Monitor student progress throughout their academic career

Caregiver communication made easy through access to an email invitation system

Share and submit learning resources and professional development ideas with other teachers

Tools for caregivers

Caregiver access to data, audio, and screenshots from student assessment

Browse and search learning activities according to each child's needs

Updates emailed with recommended learning activities matched to student's learning profile

Teacher-caregiver communication made easier by email-invitation system

Mobile access to learning

Journal student progress and continue learning from anywhere

Access suggested learning activities on the go – curated and matched to your students’ profile

Data visualization and insights

User-friendly data visualizations make it easier to make data-driven decisions

Data collected from every stakeholder in a student’s learning is combined to show insightful reports and charts at the group, class level, and individual level

Filter and search features allow administrators access to data at the classroom level

Caregivers can see their children’s data through indexes, audio, and images

Easily export data for use in external systems

Multiple, real-time data sources

Multiple data sources (student, educator, caregiver, and community) contribute to a holistic view of the child’s learning environment and continual progress

Aggregated reports available immediately after data is collected

Flexible Program Options

We’ve designed our model to suit a range of needs and budgets, whether you are looking to implement one of existing programs, tailor something specific, or tackle new grounds in holistic learning.

Ebou Essentials
  • The Ebou Learning program includes the iPad apps, classroom material (i.e. storybooks, touch-sensitive puppets), assessment application, and reporting platforms for teachers, administrators, and parents.
Ebou Localized
  • We will localize one of our award-winning Ebou Learning Programs to match the culture and contexts of your students, providing you with customized assessment and classroom materials.
Ebou Custom
  • Create, design and co-develop a new, innovative Ebou Leaning Program that responds to a gap in assessment and learning in your community or district.

    Our team will work with yours to develop culturally and contextually relevant classroom material, characters, and solutions that will engage students and provide a rich source of material for teachers, families, and the community at large.
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