Help every student achieve

Engage communities and families to help students find learning success.

Assessments that better reflect learning for Indigenous and minority students

Across the world, Indigenous and minority students are graduating at rates that are as low as HALF that of their peers. Ebou Learning is tailored around your curriculum, using culturally-relevant models to strengthen learning amongst Indigenous and minority students.

Use your technology to more effectively support learning

You are inundated with opportunities for incorporating technology in your classroom, and if you’re like most teachers, you aren’t entirely confident in what it can deliver.  Ebou Learning is a proven solution for learning, in some cases improving reading scores ten-fold.

Assessments that inform classroom instruction

Educators who consistently use formative assessment strategies are shown to double the speed of learning for students in their classroom. Ebou Learning gives you the tools to provide students and families with personalized activities based on assessment data, helping you to fill learning gaps for every student.

Engage parents and communities in learning

The positive impact of parental involvement and experiential learning has long been shown to produce higher student achievement. Ebou Learning takes a holistic view of the student and provides an innovative approach to parental and community engagement, overcoming the barriers of time, access, culture and distance that many communities face.

Canadian Council on Learning

In late 2002, the Canadian Council on Learning (CCL) was launched with the objective of providing Canadians with the most current information about effective approaches to learning for educators, employers and policy-makers.  One important area of focus for CCL was Indigenous learning, and Jarrett Laughlin (co-founder of Ebou Learning) led this work at the national office.

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“We have constantly measured the wrong things against a different paradigm — leading inevitably to an assessment of failure.”

-Canadian Council on Learning