The Team

Andrew Milne co-founder of Ebou Learning

Andrew Milne


For over two decades, Andrew has been creating connections between digital experiences and education, culture and social innovations. As CEO and founder of bv02, Andrew has developed creative design, strategy and development solutions for businesses and organizations such as school divisions, colleges and universities, etc. His enthusiasm for people and technology is evident in his community work. He founded AndyCamper Inc. to encourage active living among children and fuel their imaginations through interactive, entertaining and experiential educational content.

Andrew is known for consistently pushing the boundaries of technology by engaging with users to build personalized interactive experiences much of which you can see reflected in his work with Ebou Learning today. When Andrew is not working it is hard to track him down as he is always looking for a new outdoor personal learning experience or museum exhibit to attend with his wife and two boys.

Jarrett Laughlin co-founder of Ebou Learning

Jarrett Laughlin

Co-Founder and Education Lead

Jarrett comes from a family of educators and has been engaged in education research and policy development for over 15 years.  He has worked for the Assembly of First Nations (AFN), Canadian Council on Learning (CCL), Ontario Ministry of Education, and as an Education Associate for bv02.  Jarrett currently works with organizations across the world developing holistic and innovative approaches to measuring success in education.

Jarrett has extensive experience working with Indigenous organizations and communities, school administrators, teachers, parents and Elders.  His recent passion has involved mobilizing his research into action through socially innovative, community-based projects through Ebou Learning.  When Jarrett is not working, you can find him at home in Ottawa enjoying time with his family and four children.