About Us

Ebou Learning is a team of education professionals, technology developers, and creative designers that are interested in implementing innovative holistic learning solutions that provide teachers, families, and communities with personalized, culturally-relevant learning tools for their students.

Built with community in mind, the Ebou Learning Program merges a holistic learning approach with technology in order to engage students, caregivers, elders, and the community as active participants in learning outcomes.

Our Story

Ebou Learning was originally founded in 1998 by Andrew Milne and Jarrett Laughlin. Ebou Learning’s journey started with AndyCamper – Andrew’s original brainchild whose mission was to revolutionize the way children and their parents interact with the outdoors. AndyCamper developed an online community portal that provided a series of engaging educational activities that encourage outdoor learning and creativity. AndyCamper’s focus on experiential learning and innovations in mobile technology enabled student learning to extend beyond the classroom and into the homes and communities.

Our Vision

Ebou Learning aims to create innovative and holistic learning solutions that supports every student to realize their full learning potential.

  • To develop technological solutions that form a meaningful and effective part of the educational process.
  • To redefine assessment in a way that truly informs student learning – in the school, home and community.
  • To foster engagement of parents and community in the learning process.
  • To revolutionize how teachers, parents and communities engage with information about their students and children.
  • To implement holistic solutions that ensure every learner has the opportunity to demonstrate their learning strengths and abilities.
  • To implement data-based decision making that drives real, transformative change in homes, schools and communities.


Jarrett Laughlin co-founder of Ebou Learning

Jarrett Laughlin

Co-Founder and Education Lead

Jarrett comes from a family of educators and has been engaged in education research and policy development for over 15 years.  He has worked for the Assembly of First Nations (AFN), Canadian Council on Learning (CCL), Ontario Ministry of Education, and as an Education Associate for bv02.  Jarrett currently works with organizations across the world developing holistic and innovative approaches to measuring success in education.

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Andrew Milne co-founder of Ebou Learning

Andrew Milne


For over two decades, Andrew has been creating connections between digital experiences and education, culture and social innovations. As CEO and founder of bv02, Andrew has developed creative design, strategy and development solutions for businesses and organizations such as school divisions, colleges and universities, etc. His enthusiasm for people and technology is evident in his community work.

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