Bridging Culture and the Classroom

Ebou Learning provides personalized, culturally-relevant learning tools and assessments for teachers, families, communities, and their students.

Holistic learning that centres on the child

Ebou Learning brings teachers, caregivers and the community together to give children a culturally meaningful learning experience, and provides the tools to personalize learning progress.
Holistic learning model

Empowering Teachers

The Ebou Learning program provides educators with the tools and information to maximize student outcomes.

Learning at Home

We connect parents to the school and provide them with the learning activities that foster their child’s learning.

An Involved Community

The Ebou Learning approach engages the community to encourage a positive impact on students’ learning opportunities.

Culturally Meaningful

Each program can be designed to reflect the cultural aspects of your community, allowing children to learn in more meaningful ways.

Personalized Learning

Ebou Learning’s holistic approach identifies both the strengths and challenges, and enables every student to demonstrate their full learning potential.

Data-driven Decisions

Ebou Learning uses the most innovative technology that supports real-time data for teachers and informs personalized instruction for every student.

Why it Matters

Most learning and assessment tools fail to recognize individual learning styles, overlooking the important learning that occurs in the home, the community, and outdoors.

Oral language is really important in the early years, it’s how you get your skills and development of who you are, where you come from, and what you can do later on in life
Importance of Oral LanguageAssessment Coordinator, Canada
We have constantly measured the wrong things against a different paradigm — leading inevitably to an assessment of failure.
Canadian Council on Learning

The Platform: A 360 View of Learning

The Ebou Learning Platform provides parents, teachers, and education administrators with holistic views of a child’s learning, empowering everyone with the tools to personalize learning for every student.

Screen shot of the educator portal on the Ebou Learning Platform

Data that drives learning

Online data portals allow parents, teachers, and administrators to visualize immediate results and real-time data at the student, class, or school level. Results support decision-making and drive academic development in the school, home and community.

Innovative and mobile-ready

Our innovative classroom management platform engages students and educators through mobile and desktop devices. Keep students engaged with compelling stories told through hand-held technology.

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Flexible Program Options

We’ve designed our Ebou Learning Program to suit a range of needs and budgets, whether you are looking to implement one of our existing programs, customize something specific, or tackle new grounds in holistic learning.

Ebou Essentials
  • The Ebou Learning program includes the iPad apps, classroom material (i.e. storybooks, touch-sensitive puppets), assessment application, and reporting platforms for teachers, administrators, and parents.
Ebou Localized
  • We will localize one of our award-winning Ebou Learning Programs to match the culture and contexts of your students, providing you with customized assessment and classroom materials.
Ebou Custom
  • Create, design and co-develop a new, innovative Ebou Leaning Program that responds to a gap in assessment and learning in your community or district.

    Our team will work with yours to develop culturally and contextually relevant classroom material, characters, and solutions that will engage students and provide a rich source of material for teachers, families, and the community at large.

Showcase: Holistic Learning in Action

Since we started our foray into learning solutions in 2007, we’ve worked with likeminded educators of all shapes and sizes.

assessor viewing the Aski and Turtle Island storybook

Help Me Tell My Story / Help Me Talk About Math

Learn more about how the Help Me Tell My Story oral and math platforms are helping to change the face of assessment in Saskatchewan schools.


Our Roots: AndyCamper

Developed in 2007, Andy Camper encourages childhood development through interactive, entertaining, and educational outdoor activities.

Assessor introducing Antle the Moose to a group of Indigenous students

Read the Mi’kmaw Kina’matnewey Case Study

Ebou Learning is working with the Mi’kmaw students of Nova Scotia, Canada to improve oral proficiency.


Visit the AFN It's Our Time Toolkit

Ebou Learning worked with the Assembly of First Nations to develop this digital toolkit as part of a comprehensive strategy to reach out to First Nations students, teachers, schools, communities and the Canadian public at large.